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Quotes Hi Mel, Wow that's way more than I'd ever hoped for, excellent. I think our book is going to be wonderful. You are a blessing in my life Melissa. Alan Knackstedt Quotes
Alan Knackstedt
"Cold Dry Rain" Collection

Quotes Thank you SO much for the beautiful "Otter" picture you did for a special daughter, it really meant alot to us to have a unigue and beautifully framed picture for us to give her for her birthday....I want everyone to know that if they are looking for a gift that will be treasured for years to come then you've come to the right place...Melissas unique sensitivity to others assures that you will have the perfect gift for that special friend, husband, mother, anyone you want to give a memorable gift too. Thank you Melissa! Quotes
Linda LaRoche
"Live in the Sunshine"

Quotes When I asked Melissa to put my poetry to her unique form of art, I expected a result that gave my work some depth. When she sent me the initial draft, I was over joyed. Not only did it give mere 2 dimensional words a new dimension but it was done so brilliantly that I was floored! I have since sent her two more poems to work on. I am not into numeric rating scales but if I was, she would get my highest rating. Thank you Melissa,... Alan Knackstedt Quotes
Alan Knackstedt

Quotes Hey Melissa, Just wanted to let you know all your hard work was well received. Ansel didn't like the statement I asked you to do, but admitted it's true that he aims too low. Wonder if it will prompt him to aim higher? :-) And he loved that he "met the artist" as he told his sister - meeting you made it really special. Jane Quotes
"Our Aim"

Quotes "You outdid yourself. It's beautiful! My parents love it and it'll be a wonderful addition to the St Dismas Quilt. Thank you!" Quotes
Jane Ferry
Quilt Square

Quotes We purchased painted HOPE rocks from Calligraphy by Melissa to sell as part of our American Cancer Society Relay For Life team fundraising effort. The rocks were beautifully done and quite eye-catching. We sold them in conjunction with our kick-off, fundraising events and at the event itself. The rocks sold themselves, with 24 gone after the first event and people calling or emailing to ask where they could be purchased. In fact, the HOPE rocks sold so well that we special ordered pink breast cancer survivor rocks with words like ?courage?, ?survivor?, ?faith? ? and they sold even faster. We have had a number of people tell us that they carry the rocks with them as ?worry stones? and as a reminder that hope, indeed, is greater. Quotes
Jane Ferry
American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Quotes The rocks and place cards were stunning, thanks so much!!! Quotes
Stephanie Trujillo Kelly
Wedding Invitations and Fairytale Rocks

Quotes Dear Melissa Goza, It is our pleasure to inform you that you qualify for a 2010/2011 membership to the National Association of Professional Women, the largest network of professional women in the United States! Quotes
National Association of Professional Women

Quotes Melissa- Thanks so much for all your har work for the Dream Team! I wish yu could have been with us when we sold the rokds-they were a great hit! Keep up all the beautiful work you do-it adds the beauty in the world! Thanks again, The Dream Team Quotes
The Dream Team
Jane and Marty

Quotes We sold almost all the rocks - pink and purple. The most interesting thing is the stories people share when they buy the rocks; stories of friends, family and neighbors or the staff at their oncologist's office or the Cancer Treatment Ctrs. Wish I would have thought to have a recorder to capture them all! Your beautiful work has touched so many lives. Quotes
Hand Painted Cancer Rocks
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